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Helios helps fund promising startups that have a legitimate need for smart-contract solutions as part of a big business idea.


Turn your business idea into a solid business plan to attract investors.


Receive early-stage funding from a variety of grant and investment sources.


Benefit from incubator, accelerator, and mentor programs for rapid growth.

Incubator Program

Pre-Seed Funding

If you are pre-launch, with a big idea and lots of heart and grit, we may be able to incubate you with a grant or small equity position. The Helios Incubator Program can help you with the following:

Business plan templates
Pitch deck preparation
Hackathons (code-development and business-planning)
Demo days
Marketing support with discounted marketing services
Networking for new team members and advisors
Mentoring partners from
EOSIO sister-chains
Introduction to investors
(Seed, Series A, and beyond)
Guidance on new token launches
And more

At the end of pre-seed incubation, you will be ready to present your business for seed funding and become part of our official portfolio of investments.


Seed Investment Process

If your startup suits our fund strategy, we aim to be able to provide significant funding for fair equity along with valuable support to help you succeed with early-stage business growth.

Step 1:
Initial Screening

Our well-rounded investment team will assess your pitch deck based on our internal selection criteria.

The General Partners require all project founders or project advisors to submit a pitch deck for initial screening.

Tell us about what your business does and your team
Identify the market you are in, your current or projected market share, and your competitive advantages
Tell us about your current funding and the financial condition, such as revenue, sales or costs
Explain the required capital and how it will be allocated

It is expected that pitch decks will address the following: Project Information, Target Market, Problem & Solution, Market Analysis & Opportunity, Unique Selling Proposition, Sales & Marketing Plan, Business Model, Traction: Customers, Partners & Media, Competitor Analysis, Intellectual Property, Core Technology, Management Team, Risks & Mitigation Procedures, Financials.

Step 2:
Investment Review Meeting

If our team sees the potentials of your startup, we will schedule a meeting with you to gain some insight into your product, and your management team. In addition to identifying and placing investments, the General Partner has access to substantial resources to incubate technologies and execute project launches.

Step 3:
Partner Appointment & Due Diligence

If the investment meetings go well, one of our team will be appointed to help curate a comprehensive business plan, including investor due diligence.

Step 4:
Investment Committee Meeting

Your presentation to the investment committee, typically 30 minutes followed by a Q&A session. The Investment Committee will then discuss the content of the presentation.

Step 5:
Terms and documents

Assuming the process is going smoothly, we will discuss the terms of a possible investment with your company. Term sheet will be drafted and offered to you for consideration. If the terms are agreed, we then move toward full documents. Once the documents are agreed and signed, we will do the first money transfer to your company bank account. Congratulations! Our partnership has begun, welcome to Helios!

Step 6:
Board Updates and Mentorship

The appointed Board Member will attend your quarterly board meetings, and through our Mentor program we will serve as a partner to support your use of funds for company growth.

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The Helios Investment Committee reviews pitches on a fortnightly basis to decide if the General Partner should pursue further due diligence. Do you believe your business is a match for our investment mandate? If so, complete the contact form to submit your current pitch deck.

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