Helios is now registered as a Block Producer and we are running an enterprise-grade EOS, API node - please consider voting for @Heliosblocks on the EOS Mainnet. As we rise in the ranking, we will continue to grow our infrastructure to meet the needs of the EOS Mainnet.

Our core principals are transparency, integrity, and high ethical standards.
We believe that block producers must act in keeping with these core values, at all times.

This Code Of Conduct sets the standard for how we will work together with our fellow block producers to protect and secure the blockchains in which we participate.

This affirms our principles of conduct:


Ownership Disclosure
HeliosBlocks is 100% owned
by Brock Pierce.

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HeliosBlocks has no external obligations or external stakeholders, and solely makes decisions about its Block Producer operations and governance based on the objective views of Brock Pierce with the advice of the Helios team. The members of the Helios team who provide guidance and advice are:
Ben Sigman
Eduardo Alexander
Chris Barnes
Gavriel Shaw
Hernan Arber
Joshua Seymour
We strive to restrict external influence in the decision making process around the HeliosBlocks Block Producer and ensure we make decisions which are in the best interest of the various ecosystems we represent.
Last updated: 2022/04/25

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