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Startup Founders with a business concept to build on the AntelopeIO tech stack can now apply to the Helios Incubator for our 'Seed Incubator Light' program.

The Helios Seed Incubator Light program is open to both Developers or Business Operators (marketers, product managers, crypto enthusiasts, previous CEOs).

Our aim for the program is to ensure that all profit-driven projects
within the Antelope ecosystem can develop their business model to
pitch their idea for investment.

The program is FREE and will run for 8 weeks

5 & 6

7 & 8

1 & 2

3 & 4

Market Opportunity, Traction, Business Model, Team,
and guest speaker

Introductions, best practice, and expectations. Front cover, Problem, and Solution.

Presentations continued, feedback and questions. Live pitch to potential investors.

Ask and Final slide.
Presentation techniques and first presentations together.

Alumni of the Seed Incubator Light program with an investable project thesis will gain access to our expanded Incubator where we focus on business model development, market insight, research and experimentation for customer development, go-to market planning and MVP validation.

We have limited space but will try to accommodate based on community requirements. Projects will be able to present to the Helios Investment Committee at the conclusion of the program and be eligible for investment.

Submit a request to join the Incubator Light program below.

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Discover the amazing founders and their projects below, all founders listed have taken part in our Seed Incubator Light Program.


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We provide a decentralized cloud storage solution for clients who need the speed of Amazon, better security than Fort Knox, and who are looking to stay out from under the censorship of uptight companies or governments. In addition, dStor saves our customers 40%-80% over Amazon, Azure and Google. The future is in the cloud, by the end of 2022 72% of all global organizations will have migrated to the cloud. The market is worth 100’s of billions and the ROI for our investors could easily surpass 10x.


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Hi, I'm Vlad and this is Lennar, we are developers of CETF.

On-chain analytics clearly shows a problem that many new investors in crypto sell bottoms and buy the tops.

We are building a platform where investors could easily let professionals manage their crypto.

- CETF is fully decentralized
- Investors always hold the assets in their wallets    
- And together with fund managers by using the platform they become owners of it.  

We have deployed first fund that is proof of concept on EOS mainnet, it has more than 150 investors.

The concept has been proven and there is potential to grow and scale.  

We are CETF, and in one click we make dumb money smart.


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Our business at Hoken Tech is to provide museums and artists with tools to catalyze frictionless, rapid trade of their art. We identify institutions looking for new revenue streams, facilitate the integration of crypto-based solutions, and attract visitors to museums who use QR Codes to buy the NFT too! This is not your regular art collecting closet; we can target all aspects of your business from concept to execution.


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Freeos is a DeFi Universal Basic Income, Freeos uses DeFi tokenomics to provide a meaningful weekly income to members. Members vote on economic drivers, and claim an equal share of the income.


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Renewable power plant owners are looking for new financing opportunities, and investors are seeking ways to sponsor low pollution, low carbon, energy production.
EnergEOS™ is building a regulatory-compliant, blockchain-based trading platform that connects solar project owners with enterprise and retail investors to buy, trade and sell equity tokens of physical solar assets.


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EOSTARTER is building a premium decentralized token sale and NFT Launchpad for EOSIO Projects. We facilitate access to early-stage projects by offering the project’s tokens and NFT Drops before they hit the market to our Token holders while leveraging our NFTs to guarantee the longevity of our investor community.


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Ursa Polaris Records is building Polaris, a music discovery hub and visualized constellation of relationships, with the aim of rebuilding the music industry from the grassroots up. Polaris is a music encyclopedia, visualized in a "hypertree" graph of musicians and their interconnections, that helps organize the overwhelming quantity of music, and which can provide a means for a decentralized native promotion tool that challenges the major-label paradigm.


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The Lost Diamond is a real-world Play2Earn adventure game where the goal is to find the Lost Diamond hidden in one of the checkpoints all around the world. Millions of people are hunting virtual monsters in existing geo-games. We have used blockchain technology to replace virtual monsters with real money. And we believe it will go viral.


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Blockchain + Videogames. Open source and free technology that allows developers and players to have control of their assets.


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Energy Ledger is a blockchain ERP solution that provides a solution 95% cheaper than SAP. Our solution allows the calculation of and subsequent offsetting of carbon footprints - fostering a data-centric transition from fossil fuels to green technology incentivized by a digital currency. 


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FACINGS is a no-code NFT collection management platform, enabling game studios to seamlessly integrate NFTs into their games.
Using FACINGS, game studios can create and sell NFT game items without having an understanding of blockchain technology and without needing to hold cryptocurrency.


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Hu-Fi Global, Inc has developed tools that empower individuals to create their own liquidity. Why? The current system of liquidity creation benefits mostly those that create the liquidity. So what happens to the rest of us? Nothing good; we continue to see an unbalanced availability of funds to commerce. With the Hu-Fi tools, EOS Market Place, EOSTemplate One and EOS Micro Loan, anyone can create a digital store and or a business profile. Both the digital store and business profile come with the coveted embedded point of sale system. Additionally, EOS Market Place displays geographical data to individuals that want to buy products and services in your vicinity. Think of Hu-Fi as a community currency model, but with high powered digital tools at little monetary cost and no coding knowledge needed.


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Kanda Weather is empowering individuals to collect weather and climate data. Their 3D-printed Weather "Miner" products allow people to collect rewards for helping monitor the climate around them.


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PurpleSeed is a Web 3.0 platform that is empowering community members to seamlessly discover, onboard, play and co-create blockchain games that are authenticated, fun and sustainably rewarding. We are on a mission to fix the broken player journey in Web 3.0 and give gamers the delightful blockchain gaming experience they truly deserve.


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Apexloads INC; marketplace that connects cargo owners with carriers to streamline the freight-truck matching and invoice factoring service to facilitate faster payments.


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Flexible and easy tools to create decentralised organisations that suit different styles of governance to achieve community goals.


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Nomad Nodes is bringing Web3 to WiFi and making free to use WiFi hotspots more accessible, more secure, more reliable and more rewarding. They are developing custom firmware for wireless routers that will reward people with crypto for sharing their unused bandwidth.


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Musicians of all kinds can build grass roots popularity from their local area and gain wider recognition until they are national artists and household names.


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Our goal is to support decentralised organisations make a meaningful impact and allow their members to express the values they care about.