June 22, 2022

A New Wave!

A New Wave!

Today 22/06/22 we start the Helios incubator Light Program, Wave 4!

This isnt just the 4th group of founders who are looking to build on EOSIO this year but it is also our 4th iteration of our well received incubator course.

As they say, 'even the hardest of materials can be made perfect with repeated efforts alone,' and our chisel has never been sharper.

One of the key factors in our incremental improvements with each iteration is mostly due to the amazing variety and thought-provoking projects we get to see on this Web3 initiative. The feedback we receive is fully taken on board, considered and implemented in a way that we feel is most valuable to the incubator participants.

From Wave 1: - "The Helios team has created an incredible Incubator program. It has played a critical role in helping us refine and shape our pitch and message." - GoodBlock

With any incubation process, there are consistent, common factors or problem areas that are found in early or seed stage development. We identified most of them when creating the course and have now been able to really focus in on these more difficult areas of pitch presentation and business structuring, this ensures projects leaving our incubator are more eligible than ever before for investment.

One area for instance is market fit; Gauging the size of a not very well documented digital arena has its challenges. Our course material is now more refined for solution finding while encouraging the maintenance of a realistic and achievable analysis.

For Wave 4 we will also have our EOSIO ecosystem map up and running which you will find on our website in due course. This will enable founders to quickly see a list of dAPPS and resources currently existing within EOSIO.

Over the past waves we have seen some incredible projects with amazing business use cases for blockchain technology and wave 4 is no exception! 

Introducing the founders:
https://www.functionloops.com Function Loops is a sound design company, launched in 2011. Our sounds used by Grammy-awarded producers and beat makers. SPLICE AWARDS WINNER.
https://nestr.io Our goal is to support decentralized organizations to make a meaningful impact and allow their members to express the values they care about.
https://www.betnow.io A new way of betting. The first fully on-chain mutual betting platform built for you on EOS.IO
https://nomadnodes.io Web3 Wifi on blockchain with rewards.
https://swaycommerce.io Web3 & Metaverse enablement for Social Commerce
https://apexloads.com Africa's No.1 online load board platform.
https://www.thedtailor.com/en Blockchain Based Fashion Platform. We design Real Fashion Products in 3D models, produce them with NFT, and provide them as Digital Twin to consumers.
https://dao.hypha.earth/hypha/ Building tools for scaling coordination DAO, Web3, and more

If you are a founder looking to build on EOSIO you can apply for our Incubator Light Program Here.