December 2, 2022

Eden receives 500,000 EOS from in partnership with Helios

Eden receives 500,000 EOS from in partnership with Helios has partnered with the team here at Helios to donate 500,000 EOS ($465,650) to the Eden on EOS community to support their mission of continued development, innovation, and progress towards a more equal on-chain democratic, governance system. 

Eden utilizes EdenOS to provide decentralized, representative, and resilient governance. Eden transparently validates its members via an invitation process which includes a recorded video call with three existing members, and live synchronous video elections, minimizing the risk of a Sybil attack. 

“Both Helios and B1 recognize the importance of this truly democratic human consensus mechanism to select leaders and representatives from within the decentralized delegated proof of stake community that is EOS.
Eden members take part in regularly occurring elections, which uses an up-vote political playoff structure, based on Daniel Larimer’s book, “More Equal Animals”. The process maximizes the voice of each member, prevents the forming of political factions, and focuses on ensuring incumbents and insiders are unable to capture power. The Eden up-vote process can be adopted by any blockchain community to help increase engagement and develop the accountable leadership required for long-term sustainable success.” Chris Barnes - Helios Guardian

Maintaining and expanding the open source EdenOS tool set is essential for the Eden on EOS community to grow, and for this up-vote election process to seed other decentralized communities.

To learn more about the Eden up-vote election process, check out