October 24, 2022

EVMxIdeathon Community Development and Marketing Workshop

EVMxIdeathon Community Development and Marketing Workshop

The final EVM x Ideathon Workshop has taken place! 

There are now only a few days left to enter and submit your ideas into the Ideathon, thankfully the Community Development And Marketing Workshop is only roughly 30 minutes of your time to watch. The information provided could make the difference between your idea becoming one of the other many others, or potentially a top 3 prize winner! So lets get into it! 

The Community Development & Marketing Workshop was designed to highlight the importance of community marketing within the Web3 industry, as well as provide the foundation to start your own community and grow it with success. It would be great to see how you plan to market your idea for the Ideathon and how you plan to grow a community supporting your idea. One concise slide is recommended to show your broad marketing intentions.

The latest workshop covered the following topics -

(before you click the time stamp links, please note the Video and Deck are included in this blog)

00:00 EVMxIdeathon Intro and update! 

06:30 Workshop Start -

07:27 What is a community - Defining what a community means to members and also ourselves as business owners

08:09 Target Market - Addressing the different target audiences for community vs idea and how they overlap.

10:17 Benefits Of A Community - These are the reasons why you need a community for your project now!

11:47 Where Is Your Community? - What are the options available to you for hosting a community.

14:07 Why Join? - Why would anyone want to join your community, here we discuss Value.

15:40 Growing Your Community - What can you do to attract valuable members to your community.

16:08 Reaching Your TA - How to reach out to your specific community target market.

20:52 Why Stay? - What can you do to make your community members stay and continue to interact.

22:52 What To Expect When Starting Your Community - Starting from square one.

24:49 Presenting Your Intentions - What we expect to see in your Ideathon submission.

26:27 Questions - Some great questions from the live audience.

You can watch the full workshop here. And follow along with the PDF slide show below.

If you would like to enter the EVMxIdeathon head on over to Devpost and sign up for free today, there is a total of $125k available so don't miss out on this great opportunity!

The Final Ceremony will be taking place on 13:00 UTC on Mon Nov 14th, the top 3 ideas from each of the Ideathon categories will pitch their ideas live to the judges and the winners will be selected!

You can reach out to the Hackathon community here and ask any questions you may have. For future updates, make sure to follow Helios and the ENF on Twitter!

We wish you the best of luck with your entry into this Ideathon / Hackathon.