November 15, 2022

EVMxIdeathon Results And Conclusion

EVMxIdeathon Results And Conclusion

The EVMxIdeathon has come to a close. It was great fun organizing the event and we are extremely grateful for the help and support of all involved and grateful for all 657 participants! Congratulations to all prize winners and condolences for all runner-ups. Below you will find a list of all the winners for the Ideathon and Hackathon tracks.

On Monday 14th November, the top 3 projects from each of the Ideathon track categories were presented in front of our esteemed judges from the Antelope Ecosystem. We also had presentations from the top 3 Trust EVM GameFi hackathon winners, along with a keynote speech from Brock Pierce.  

The Ideathon entries were up against some tough judges with vast amounts of experience in many aspects of blockchain technology. 

The Judges:

Ben Sigman: Bitcoin Libre founder and part of the Helios VC team

Zack Gall : VP of Communications EOS Network Foundation 

Daryn Soards : UX Network and Origin founder

Yves La Rose : CEO, EOS Network Foundation 

Nathan James : Director of Developer Relations, EOS Network Foundation

Ideathon Winners

1st - Realot

2nd - Antecard

3rd - Starting Blocks

4th - Binar Finance

5th - DeOracle

6th - Stabln

1st - Marketing On Antelope

2md - Zombie Game

3rd - Dead Or Wounded

4th - E-wars Gamefi

5th - WinFlow

6th - STEMVERSE Project

1st - Robert's Rules On-Chain

2nd - FreeDAO — DAO tools for Everyone

3rd - Angel DAO

4th - DWill Vault

5th - TownHall

6th - EthMed

Social Good
1st - EOS Community Key Recovery

2nd - Atlas

3rd - Optimizing for Tolerance



6th - HRecords


1st - Small Business Accounting & Web3

2nd - Block Hotel

3rd - Hackelope

4th - Adam Blockchain Computer

5th - DSOS - Operating System of Decentralized Syndicate

6th - Xeat

Congratulations again to all participants and prize winners, there were some extremely innovative ideas and brilliant presentations.

The TrustEVM Gamfi Hackathon winners were showcased during the livestream and all the games looked interesting, congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing the games utilize the upcoming Trust EVM on EOS.

1st - Trankers

2nd - Soldier-Ant Colony

2nd - Zombie Smash

3rd - DFSocial Gaming

3rd - Digital Scratchcard

If you would like to explore more entries and prize winners you can view them here on Devpost

Due to the success of this event, it will no doubt not be our last, so stay tuned on our Twitter for updates. We will be starting the 'Ideathon Helios Incubator' in due course, and we are already starting to think about what to do for the next Hackathon.

If you have any questions about this EVMxIdeathon or would like to connect with the Helios team, please reach out to us on Discord.