April 18, 2022

EOSIO Grants For Web3 Start-ups

EOSIO Grants For Web3 Start-ups

Grants are an important resource for early-stage startups across the blockchain industry. 

Within the EOSIO ecosystem (which includes blockchains such as WAX, Telos, Ultra, Proton, EOS, Chintai, and more) two grant programs currently exist.


Supported by the ENF (EOS Network Foundation), “Our mission is to empower communities to build and fund the open web. We do that by giving builders and creators opportunities to earn in quarterly grants rounds. Quadratic Funding mechanism gives extraordinary community involvement in deciding the allocation of public funds.”

🌐 Pomelo Grants

Telos Foundation

12 million TLOS tokens to be distributed over 4 years with an emphasis on projects spanning Tooling & Infrastructure, Ecosystem Projects (that support the development of the Telos ecosystem through a wide range of use cases), and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) focused Initiatives.  

🌐 Telos Ignite

Wax Labs

WAX Labs is a source for WAX pioneers and visionaries to receive funding for projects that will further the community as a whole. Funding decisions are made via stake-weighted voting by WAX token holders. See details on WAX Labs.

🌐 Wax Labs

EOS Grants

Grants from $10,000 and up are now available to both “for profit” and “public good” entities, with the goal that all grants will benefit the EOS ecosystem. 

“Supported by an all-star cast of EOS community members, business leaders, and developers, the ENF is pleased to announce a major new pillar of support for the EOS ecosystem, the EOS Network Foundation Grant Framework.”

🌐 EOS Grants

How does this fit in with Helios Venture Capital?

Some grants are allocated for public goods projects (such as open source code). If those projects also connect to a for-profit business idea, Helios can assess the project for additional investment. 

As a VC Fund we look for any and all evidence of commercial viability. Achieving grant funding demonstrates community interest in a project, and thereby helps Helios to select projects as suitable for our startup incubator program.

🌐Helios Incubator

Join us on our discord channel to discuss with the Helios team and community about where to get started with your Web3 project within EOSIO.

💬 http://discord.gg/fR9Cgd4Jzz