July 7, 2022

Helios Evolution Q2 Report

Helios Evolution Q2 Report

Helios Evolution


This report covers the developments and observations from Helios during Q2 and also explores the shift in direction for Q3. Topics include:

  • Our New Mission
  • Observations in Q2
  • Who We Are
  • Incubator Update - Join us on Discord for the latest updates
  • Q3 And Beyond
  • Helios Q2 Media
  • Breaching the Solar System

Our new mission

In Q1 our mission was described as “empowering EOS and all of EOSIO with a broad range of impactful actions.”

Many of these things have progressed on multiple fronts, with or without Helios’ direct involvement. We’re thrilled to be a part of a much broader range of efforts and excited for the future — but our focus needs to expand.

In addition to ‘preaching to the choir’ about what EOSIO can achieve, we see the importance of branching out to investors, developers and founders from across a wider marketplace of ideas and innovations.

Our enhanced mission as of Q2/Q3 is to help new stakeholders discover the renewed EOSIO ecosystem.

Our soon to be published Web3 Investor Report will shine a spotlight on the cause for concern about blockchain selection that investors, founders and developers must wrestle with as of 2022 — comparing the historical performance, current innovations and future potential of EOSIO vs today’s popular hype-chains and vaporware.

Observations in Q2

  • We see developers, founders and investors voicing concern about the viability of various popular chains; Solana and Avalanche included.
  • We believe the Terra Luna fiasco taught everyone in the crypto industry a hard lesson. When times are good, it’s easy to become somewhat complacent about risks. Systemic problems are not made visible until times start to get tough. Certain events led to a chain reaction that ultimately resulted in Terra’s implosion.
  • We also noted the challenge of metaverse promises vs realities. Upland (https://www.upland.me) and Immersys (https://immersys.io) are two metaverse projects within EOSIO at very different stages of development, both with highly scalable potential. Other chains continue with lacklustre metaverse plays — hunkering down during the crypto winter hoping to race quietly ahead. We are watching.

The industry is ripe with opportunity. It’s still relatively speaking a ‘level playing field’ for layer 1’s to organize around real-world commercial opportunity to become profit-driven and ride the megatrends of web3 built on entirely new incentivize governance models.

Who We Are

That’s why Helios is expanding our brand focus from being only inside the EOSIO community to an external focus on industry research and insight to help non EOSIO-savvy investors, developers, and founders compare and contrast whatever is ‘hot’ in the moment, to the true measures of long-term viability. Some examples are green policy compliance, infrastructure scalability, commercial viability, and more.

As such, our public face to the world will be broadening.

Who We Are: Helios is a group of passionate web3 users, developers, and investors dedicated to supporting and expanding the use of distributed governance and financial incentives through our incubator program and coming investment fund.

Incubator Update

The Helios Incubator continues to evolve one step at a time, as we all learn more about converting compelling blockchain business ideas into operational and commercialized startups with real-world market traction.

As of June we have begun the 4th wave of our incubator and highlighted in our recent blog at https://www.heliosrising.com/post/a-new-wave

Each project requires unique support. Often in planning their go-to market approach (the learning curve of discovering how to create market traction towards a commercially viable MVP) and how to best present their investment case to potential investors.

The incubator program itself is a fast-track to clarifying requirements… but the hard effort, good fortune, and time required for the learning curve of founding a startup… takes as long as it takes.

That’s why Helios aims towards a wider range of incubator modules where different projects can focus on key areas, reveal blindspots, collaborate with Incubator alumni, and receive tailored mentorship.

Ultimately, Helios seeks to invest in profit-making ventures for the long-term as we enter the web3 world of distributed governance and financial incentives shared among all contributing participants.

Our focus on the bottom line of commercial viability is where rubber meets the road, including: pricing strategy, beachhead market, willingness to pay, and many other concepts covered in the Incubator program.

Founders can apply at https://www.heliosrising.com/founder

Investors can meet with us about current deal flow via https://www.heliosrising.com/investor

Join us on Discord as we all gradually contribute to a winning web3 startup community at https://discord.gg/FV6pMkZERW

Q3 And Beyond

As the web3 landscape continues to evolve, so too does the EOSIO tech via the new cross-chain coalition. The ENF is progressing with developer community and tooling, and the world is changing to a new macro-economic cycle. Helios will continue to seek the cutting edge of investible opportunities that can make a big impact on all of our future’s.

Meta (Facebook) is out. Web3 Metaverse is in.

Ballot box fraud is out. Distributed and transparent blockchain-enabled voting is in.

Majority investor shareholding is out. Distributed profit share via web3 incentivization is in.

The Helios team continues to explore media opportunities to broaden our market research for both investment, and to help draw in a wider audience to participate in what we are all working to achieve.

Helios Q2 Media

At the end of Q1 our target moving forward was to broaden our reach, aiming to grow the Helios EOSIO community with an intriguing and value adding welcome into our solar system. We continued to grow our content quality and variety resulting in steady growth rates expected from successful organic content.

With over 2.2 million impressions our audience interaction rate is correlated to our increasing follower count. We are expecting a greater rate of growth in Q3 as the Helios team are more involved with ecosystem developments and with our ever evolving content.

Our Youtube channel continues to grow and is still very much in its infancy stage. We massively appreciate all of the community members who return week on week to watch our content. We look forward to bringing new content which the community deem valuable in Q3.

Here is a list of our content types to help give investors and founders insights into EOSIO, produced on Youtube during Q2 : 

Breakfast & Blockchain is a live discussion held on YouTube or Twitter Spaces. We discuss with guests all things EOSIO and often discover the conversation drifting in different directions as we explore new concepts and current updates from the ecosystem. The show is every Friday at 5pm UTC.
The Sunrise Interview series explores the exciting projects that have taken part in our Incubator program and gives founders an opportunity to share their project and any updates to keep you informed before anyone else.
The Spotlight Interview series has important guests from the EOSIO ecosystem share their thoughts and any development updates underway for the various chains within our investment scope.
Top 5 EOSIO Moments Of The Week, takes the news and updates from the EOSIO ecosystem that investors and founders will be most interested in and presents them in an easily digestible 5-10 min presentation. The show airs on YouTube every Sunday.
On the State Of Crypto TA Livestream, we provide education in a fun manner on the various techniques you can use to perform technical analysis, while also exploring the progress of multiple cryptocurrencies from within and outside the EOSIO ecosystem.

You can follow us on YouTube here.

Breaching the Solar System in Q3

The culture of a vast number of cryptocurrency microcosms is akin to island communities, isolated with virtual moat bridges raised as hodlers are upon the battlements fighting off FUD and 'competition' from all sides. The result of this segregation is that communities form echo chambers of self-fulfilling prophecies and narratives for idealism reinforcement, often without any real validity or value add. The challenge for Helios and EOSIO communities is to remove the reverb from the communal communication force field and strategically shout out into the ether for new voices answering back.

The litmus test of the reaction from 'outsiders' is whether via education and understanding they can identify the value of the technology that our ecosystem provides. Can we make DYOR an intriguing process of intuitive simplicity? Hopefully it's not too difficult to understand how EOSIO hosts the most used blockchain in the world and the most performant. EOS & EOSIO internal ecosystem messages are backed by measurable progress. Building infrastructure during the market downtrend is a testament to the nature of these battle tested chains. Reinforcements are underway to further increase industry resiliance and its time to extend the bridges of collaboration.

EOS is Ethereum On Steroids.The name reflects the fact that the core team learned from Ethereum's amateurish naivety and idealism, and built out a team of professional top-talent software developers that created a smart contract platform with much higher scalability and speed. - Vitalik Buterin

We have identified a comms problem, but how are we planning to address this with a viable solution? Well there are a few things happening that we are following closely and if you don't know about them already, continue reading.

The tech tribes of today have a low-hanging fruit option to bear a much more bountiful rate of adoption via open collaboration. The Telos community and soon the EOS community will bridge a divide via EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Offering ETH based founders and investors the opportunity to take advantage of the 'tech' aptly described as faster and more scalable by the founder of the second most adopted cryptocurrency in existence. This is one step towards a unified industry and therefore a unified community, and we aim to continue the facilitation of the unification with the introduction of our new series – currently named EVM ORBIT, & THE DISTRIBUTED FUTURE as well as our new longer form REPORTS.

With the UX Network developing a bridge for EOSIO, providing a means for different chains to leverage each other's capabilities, the internal bonds of community will be stronger than ever before. From a communications standpoint we are excited for this new found solidarity within our solar system and look forward to the future capabilities of inter solar system communication, especially when other chains adopt this valuable connected communication capacity.

We will be providing updates on our continued progress via our social channels and blog posts. We envision a continued wealth of updates from the ecosystem, despite the market ebbs and flows, we all keep building. The resilience we embody and enact is surely unrivalled in this industry.

If you have any questions about this report or would like to discuss any ideas you may have for Helios in Q3 please join us on Discord, we would love to have a conversation.