March 31, 2022

Helios Incubator Program Wave 3 Starting Soon — Wave 1 & 2 In Review

Helios Incubator Program Wave 3 Starting Soon — Wave 1 & 2 In Review

Retrospective by Helios Incubator Program facilitator Gavriel Shaw

It’s the highlight of my week… 

Facilitating the Incubator Light program allows me to learn about the EOSIO ecosystem (which I’m fairly new to) while supporting many projects to refine and communicate their business model (which I’ve done professionally for 12 years). 

Version 1 of the Incubator Light program delivered condensed content over a handful of sessions to highlight expectations for a clear pitch deck. Followed by a handful of practice and refinement sessions where my-self along with all project participants, provide feedback, pose questions, and generally attempt to poke holes in the pitches presented by the rest of the group. 

Feedback from participating projects to each other has proven invaluable. And overall, the program has received very satisfying comments, including: 

"The Helios team has created an incredible Incubator program. It has played a critical role in helping us refine and shape our pitch and message."

- Goodblock

“Gavriel provides huge value at Helios Rising with this leading-edge “Incubator Light” program. Massive amount of highly relevant content and resources provided in such a short time. This has helped pivot our Pitch Deck and Business Plan around key investor needs. We now feel more informed, grounded and confident in our pitch.”  

- Freeos

“Team HELIOS is one of the best groups I've ever worked with, and EnergEOS™ is honored to have been selected for candidacy in one of their early investment funds!”

- Energeos  

It’s a ton of fun to both share my experience and learn from the experience and initiative of project Founders and their teammates. 

Often times, a founder may have a compelling business or product idea, but not yet a well-rounded business model. The Incubator gives them an opportunity to learn what investors look for specifically, and see how other projects are approaching their business model to glean ideas from. 

Other founders have a well enough developed business model (including such things as pricing strategy, customer growth projections, etc) however do not have a succinct enough way that would get or keep an investors attention. 

Projects are selected via an initial submission of whatever documentation is currently available. 

Version 2 (coming soon) will re-organize some topics covered in the program based on the dynamic of having multiple projects working at different stages of their development. 

Content will be more evenly spread over the full duration of the 8-week program, and projects will be introduced to a generalized pitch deck template in the first session to begin working immediately on supporting research and pitch narrative. 

The very best pitches are both comprehensive and succinct. A difficult balance to achieve. The storyline or narrative of describing the relevance of the project in today’s market opportunity, along with the credibility of the founder and plan to deliver the solution with minimal risk in a profitable way, is… tough. 

It reminds me of a joke about Winston Churchill, who said:

“If I am to speak for just ten minutes, I need a week for preparation;
if you want me to speak for an hour, I am ready to go right now.”

Unfortunately, VC investors do not want to meet for an hour until you get to the point. In fact, they’ll switch off within the first few seconds if your opening statements are not compelling. Being super organized in how to present an investment pitch along with the necessary supporting details is no small feat. 

Hence, the value and importance of Incubators in general, and the Helios Incubator Light program for the EOSIO ecosystem specifically. 

Founders can submit their project for consideration for our next available Incubator Light program here