December 2, 2021

Helios Is Rising

Helios Is Rising


This is a pivotal moment for the EOS public blockchain.

Already, the EOS community is uniting around several groundbreaking projects in a heroic push to advance its position as a battle-hardened, enterprise-grade blockchain, strongly positioned to navigate the shifting regulatory landscape, and provide a foundational layer for Web 3.0.

In the spirit of unity, Helios will step forward to lend its energies to efforts now underway, and to expand opportunities for the EOS ecosystem.

From strategic development of core infrastructure, to impact investment in sustainable community initiatives, to venture capital meant to build economic prosperity, Helios believes that a holistic approach to capital allocation will unleash massive potential within the EOS ecosystem.

Introducing the Helios logo

Our logo radiates within a blockchain ecosystem that draws inspiration from sacred geometry and the interconnectedness of technology, nature, community, self, and spirit.

Derived from the ancient symbolism of the Sun – Helios (Greek: “Sun”) – our logo invokes the symbol of the triple spiral, or triskelion, merging spirit, energy, and matter, into a unified whole.

Its fiery glow encircles a protective inner space that provides for the emergence of resilient collaboration and sustained development for the mutual flourishing of all.

In black and white, the striking contours lend a more formal tone for monochromatic applications.

Whether it is rendered in Super Nova Orange or black and white, the Helios logo is designed to evoke unity and interconnectedness, the three as one, an infinity loop of potential.


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