October 24, 2022

Helios Q3 Report

Helios Q3 Report

Helios Evolution


This report covers the developments and observations from Helios during Q3 and also explores our continued focus in Q4. Topics include:

  • Our Continued Mission
  • Observations in Q3
  • Who We Are
  • Incubator Update - Join us on Discord for the latest updates
  • Q4 And Beyond
  • Helios Q4 Media
  • Illuminating the Solar System

Our Continued Mission

In Q3 we recognized the importance to step outside the circle of our immediate ecosystem and look to draw in the attention of those who are less familiar with Helios, and the EOSIO/Antelope blockchain tech stack. This focus and mission remains unchained as the crypto bear market persists and investors, developers, and founders look for opportunities within the space.

One of the persistent truisms of our ecosystem is the technological prowess of the EOSIO and now Antelope technology stack. Antelope not only represents the community coming together to take control and ownership of their technical destiny, but also includes many technical improvements and refinement of the previously named EOSIO tech stack.

As we broaden our reach and draw in the gaze of those less familiar with what EOS, Telos, WAX, FIO, Libre Chain, UX Network and Chintai (to name a few) can do, educating these newcomers will not only lead to retention, but also provide the backdrop required to contribute.

Observations in Q3

  • The ‘crypto winter’ persists with the macro economic outlook still looking shaky with central banks from around the world tightening monetary policy, leading to constraints in free capital, which is often required for speculative assets like those in the crypto space to appreciate in value.
  • Builders continue to build. Projects and blockchain communities that have weathered previous crypto market downturns are at an advantage for having the experience and success of weathering the last crypto storm.
  • Crytpo-related conferences and conventions are back into full swing following the global lockdown policies for the previous 2 years. There is no substitute to face to face meetings when it comes to establishing the trusted relationships required for long-term project development.
  • Leverage based projects continue to be shaken out as the unregulated nature of DeFi and the crypto space at large has reminded us of the importance of the term “Do Your Own Research.”  

To most it is becoming abundantly clear that we are all still very early in the transition from Web2 to Web3. For many the question of what is the killer blockchain app is still yet to be defined with ‘money’ via Bitcoin being the safest and most obvious answer to that question.

For those in the Antelope/EOSIO space we recognize there is still a very large opportunity to define what the next breakthrough dApp is. This largely due to the technical performance and highly performant nature of this tech stack.

Who We Are

Helios’ focus remains unchanged in supporting the adoption and expansion of the Antelope/EOSIO ecosystem. Currently our greatest value-adds are through communications, marketing, and our incubator program. On the horizon we have other initiatives in the works that will further enhance our ability to support founders. More on that when we are ready to fully announce.

If you are a founder looking to take advantage of our existing support frameworks, please drop us a line here.

Incubator Update

The Helios incubator continues to bring in new projects looking to refine their project in the form of a multi-week pitch deck workshop. Our incubator offers far more than just a basic deck building experience. It offers an opportunity for founders to refine many aspects of their project from their go to market strategy, financial modelling, and for most refining their ability to present to a group clearly and succinctly articulate the nature of their project.

We are currently in our 5th incubator wave and will be continuing to run these programs so long as there are projects willing to participate.

Naturally each project requires unique support. From planning their go-to market approach to creating market traction towards a commercially viable MVP and how to best present their investment case to potential investors.

The incubator program itself aims to be a fast-track to clarifying the many requirements of a successful start-up, yet does not cut corners in providing a one size fits all set of answers. By working in a group of fellow founders and with the Helios team, projects receive customized attention to best optimize each project’s maximum opportunity.

Helios seeks to invest in profit-yielding ventures with an eye on long-term success. Our focus on the bottom line via commercial viability is where the most value for participants can be found. This includes: pricing strategy, beachhead market, willingness to pay, and many other concepts covered in the Incubator program.

Founders can apply here.

Investors can meet with us about current deal flow here.

Join us on Discord as we all gradually contribute to a winning Web3 startup community here.

Q4 And Beyond

As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, recognizing the inherent limitations in many of the tech stacks to which to build on, Antelope/EOSIO continues to be a bright light in the space. With the ongoing collaboration and work from the Antelope Coalition, this light will only get brighter. This especially emphasized by the soon to be live Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) technology between all Antelope blockchains. One exciting recent development on this IBC is the discussion of the primary developer, Guillaume from the UX Netwrok, with a lead Cosmos developer on this Antelope IBC also working cross-chain with Cosmos chains.

If the world is to transition to a unified and cohesive Web3 experience, it will need to be cross-platform. Whether this be through metaverses, or cross-chain DeFi, the user experience must be seamless and grandma-proof.

Helios expects the broader ecosystem to evolve in this way, where the user will ultimately define who the winners and losers will be, and don’t be fooled, there will be many losers.

Helios Q3 Media

At the end of Q2 our target moving forward was to continue creating intriguing and value adding content for the growing community, this inniative continued into Q3 as we continued to grow our presence on social platforms and website. With one of the most notable additions being the Antelope Ecosystem page.

With over 2.5 million impressions our twitter account continues to be a popular source of infomation and value to the Antelope / EOSIO community. Despite the market downtrend we have managed to maintain a consistant growth rate thanks to your help.

Our Youtube channel continues to grow and we massively appreciate all of the community members who return week on week to watch our content. We look forward to bringing new content which the community deem valuable in Q4.

Here is a list of our content types to help give investors and founders insights into Antelope / EOSIO, produced on Youtube during Q3 : 

The Sunrise Interview series explores the exciting projects that have taken part in our Incubator program and gives founders an opportunity to share their project and any updates to keep you informed before anyone else.
Top 5 Antelope / EOSIO Moments Of The Week, takes the news and updates from the Antelope / EOSIO ecosystem that investors and founders will be most interested in and presents them in an easily digestible 5-10 min presentation.
The Spotlight Interview series has important guests from the Antelope / EOSIO ecosystem share their thoughts and any development updates underway for the various chains within our investment scope.
The EVMxIdeathon content is highly recomended viewing, the Workshops in particualr are extremely insightful for anyone interested in building on Antelope / EOSIO.

You can follow us on YouTube here.

Illuminating the Solar System in Q4

Helios will continue to shine a light on the projects and advancements in the Antelope/EOSIO ecosystem in a manner that aims to draw in the interest of those outside of our bubble. We cannot rest on our laurels with the knowledge that our tech stack is the best in class and will simply draw the outsiders in. Instead we need to creatively pull them into our orbit, and make them aware of what is possible on our chains vs the others.

In order to do this we will continue with various communication and media campaigns aimed directly at outreach and education.

Twitter Spaces:

Helios will continue with its Friday Twitter spaces @ 17:00 UTC each week where we focus on various trending topics in the broader crypto space. The topic selection is meant to be tech stack and blockchain agnostic so that we can draw in as many unbiased eyes as possible, where we of course won’t be able to help ourselves to drop some juicy tidbits about why the Antelope/EOSIO set of blockchains is superior.

Antelope/EOSIO Top 5 Moments of the Week:

Each week the Helios team combs through the top news in our ecosystem to pick out what we feel those within and outside should be aware of. We put out these videos is a short and fast format with high level detail so keep the attention span of our audience maintained while still providing value.

Blog Articles and Reports

Helios releases long and short form blog content which can all be found on our website. In Q3 our featured report titled “Web3 Investors Report” dug into what life after Luna looks like for the entire blockchain ecosystem. These content pieces are targeted at both those outside of our ecosystem and those within it. 

EVMxIdeathon Hackathon Event

Helios has partnered with the EOS Network Foundation in designing and launching a hackathon event which is yet another avenue to bring in fresh faces to our ecosystem. This event comprises two streams. The first is a traditional hackathon for the Trust EVM with $50k in prizes for 21 projects that deploy onto the Trust EVM testnet and are focused on the GameFi theme. The second is a unique ideathon with $75k in prizes for 30 projects that are split between the five categories: GameFi, DeFi, Social Good, Gov3, and Web3. This event will culminate on November 14th in a live-streamed production where the top 15 ideathon projects will compete in a ‘Shark Tank’ style competition. The low barrier to entry of the ideathon (no code required) was deliberately set up this way to draw in the maximum number of participants and ideally many new faces to our community and ecosystem. 

If you have any questions about this Q3 report or would like to discuss any ideas you may have for Helios in Q4 please join us on Discord, we would love to hear from you.