February 20, 2022

Incubator Light: Week 6

Incubator Light: Week 6

During this week's incubator light program, we took the time to further review the pitch deck presentations and answer any questions that had came up through the week.

Last week in our Incubator Blog we focused on the pitch deck presentation, so this week we are going to be providing some resource links for further exploration of the pitch deck and potential presentation ideas.

Below is a selection of links to pitch deck examples. The Pitch Deck examples are all from the crypto industry, but they are not necessarily examples of best practices. At this point of our Incubator Light Program, we are confident in your ability to analyze the links from your own perspective and pick out examples of best practices. The goal in sharing these links with you is to hopefully ignite some alternative ideas, and perhaps you may be inspired by a couple of slides for your own project.

Mysten Labs


Sync DAO


ADA Finance


Oxy Starter


Octopus Exchange


Spider DAO


If you have a particular pitch deck you would like to share with us, please @ us on Twitter with your example, we are always looking for great pitch deck ideas.

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