March 7, 2022

Incubator Light: Week 7 + 8

Incubator Light: Week 7 + 8

During our last two sessions, we have taken the time to refine the pitch decks as near as possible to completion.

Over week 7+8 the founders were able to pitch in front of investors and there are some key takeaway points worth noting.

The group was joined by Brock Pierce and also some external investors. Brock shared some great insights which were greatly appreciated by all participants and the session was filled with inspiring creativity. The investors were keen to ask many questions from those that presented, which certainly helped the founders to see the essential investor perspective firsthand.

Some investors are only interested in a particular niche of the crypto market, although generally, this may be a broad niche it may exclude some types of projects from their investment portfolio. If you are creating a product in the NFT space for instance you are entering a much more competitive market than that of a real-world treasure hunting game (lost diamond) or the basic income scheme from Freeos. The key is to not be disheartened but to be prepared for investors to have their preferences.

Investors potentially could be looking at 100’s of pitches per week so you have to clearly communicate your pitch deck presentation to capture investment attention and stand out not just in your sector but also enough so that you stand out above the other investment opportunities the investors have recently seen. At the end of the day, there is only a set amount of investment capital available to be allocated.

You are the expert in your field and investors expect that to be the case, after your pitch investors may generally want to know more about your area of expertise so making sure you are up to date with your industry is great preparation for post-presentation questions.

One of the points provided by the investors that still resonates with us is that what you have prepared for may not go as intended, investors can jump in with questions halfway through your pitch or ask you to go to the next slide if they feel they understand already what you are talking about. Being agile on your feet will come from practice and confidence that is why knowing your pitch off by heart is a great skill to have.

Next week the Founders from Wave 1 are pitching to members of the Helios board and we look forward to rounding up what has been a very successful incubator light program.

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