June 3, 2022

Introducing The Futurist Series

Introducing The Futurist Series

Starting on Wed the 8th of June at 6PM UTC our new Futurist Twitter Spaces event will be launched with Brock Pierce as our first special guest!


The Futurist series aims to bring insights from cryptocurrency industry thought leaders and influencers to discuss the predicted trajectory of cryptocurrency technology and the influence it will have on our future society.

We will explore a plethora of ideas and concepts that will provide unique and cutting edge insights into the future of this emergent industry.

Twitter spaces will allow for a broad audience reach as well as potential audience interactions and questions. Chris Barnes who will be in discussion with Brock Pierce on Wednesday is happy to start collecting any questions or points of interest you would like to bring up during the event. To have your say, head on over to our Discord community here and leave your question for Chris.

Make sure to follow Helios on Twitter as we have some amazing guests lined up for the Futurist series who will be joining us in the near future.

We are currently creating a varied amount of cryptocurrency content to help give investors and founders insights into EOSIO, including:

Breakfast & Blockchain is a live discussion held on YouTube or Twitter Spaces. We discuss with guests all things EOSIO and often discover the conversation drifting in different directions as we explore new concepts and current updates from the ecosystem. The show is every Friday at 5pm UTC.
The Sunrise Interviews series explores the exciting projects that have taken part in our Incubator program and gives founders an opportunity to share their project and any updates to keep you informed before anyone else.
The Spotlight Interview series has important guests from the EOSIO ecosystem share their thoughts and any development updates underway for the various chains within our investment scope.
Top 5 EOSIO Moments Of The Week, takes the news and updates from the EOSIO ecosystem that investors and founders will be most interested in and presents them in an easily digestible 5-10 min presentation. The show airs on YouTube every Sunday.
On the State Of Crypto TA Livestream, we provide education in a fun manner on the various techniques you can use to perform technical analysis, while also exploring the progress of multiple cryptocurrencies from within and outside the EOSIO ecosystem.

You can keep up to date with all our content by following our social media channels. You can follow us on YouTube here.