April 22, 2022

Q1 Helios Report

Q1 Helios Report

“We have had an amazing Q1 start and we are excited to tell you all about it! We are just getting started here, learning about so many interesting projects and we are pumped about the future of EOSIO technology.” - Ben Sigman

Mission: Helios is committed to empowering EOS and all of EOSIO with a broad range of impactful actions. 

Who We Are: Helios is a group of passionate EOSIO users, developers, and investors dedicated to supporting and expanding the EOS-based ecosystem which includes EOS, WAX, Telos, FIO, Proton, UX Network, and Ultra.


  • Establishing the Helios Incubator Program; Link
  • The creation of an EOS ETF (ETP in Europe); Link
  • Created an EOS Block Producer with API services live; Vote for heliosblocks!
  • Established an EOSIO Job Wall; Link 
  • And creating various pieces of promotional and educational content as part of our social strategy. Link
  • Join our Discord Server

Helios has embarked on a series of tasks beyond just being an investment vehicle for the EOS and EOSIO ecosystem. With this we have focused on providing value for our community via the following primary deliverables. Those are:

Wave 1 of the incubator program was massively successful. Wave 2 and Wave 3 are in progress now - if you want to apply for Wave 4 click here.

Launch of the Helios Incubator program was initially judged with cynicism and skepticism by some members of the EOS community, along the lines of:  ‘Just another VC project like B1’s failure that will lead nowhere or only serve the profit interests of wealthy investors’.

Today the community sentiment shows strong support for what we’ve delivered so far. As one example, the CEO of https://immersys.io (a metaverse project with integration for EOS NFTs) initially turned down participation in the Incubator. Then, based on visible positive feedback from Waves 1 and 2, Dan is now participating in wave 3 and immediately after the first session tweeted as follows: 

Evolution of Helios Incubator

Key learning: 80% of project applicants need a lot of support to refine and present a believable, realistically achievable, and concise investment pitch. Beyond just pitch deck support, the program needs to help with business model development (including financial modeling, growth forecasting, go to market strategy (early stage user acquisition and sales), developing potential revenue streams, market insight and competitor analysis, etc). 

Some projects approach us with the expectation of a 2017 ICO (pre token sale now… and figure out if there’s an actual business later). Hence, a big opportunity for Helios as an Incubator is to incubate projects towards commercial viability and a well rounded business plan beyond just launching a token with a superficial product facade. 

This is moving us beyond the concept of an incubator ‘light’ towards a full incubator where projects can drop in and review their current status as they make step-by-step progress towards their proof of concept, market traction, MVP and thus VC investability. 

As a VC within the EOSIO multi-chain ecosystem, Helios can help accelerate commercialization for dozens of early stage projects — rather than only cherry picking the few and far between that are already revenue producing with strong business models. 

Most VCs will cherry pick, and not provide feedback to projects they turn down for investment. We do things very differently. Ultimately, Helios Incubator exists to help build a thriving diverse ecosystem of economically viable projects with all the promise of web3 success. 

Wave 2 is rounding off with clear next steps for participants to improve the quality of their investment case. With wave 3 having just started as of mid-April, details will be in the Q2 report. 

Incubator Blogs

Weekly Blog Article Summary from Wave 1



We provide a decentralized cloud storage solution for clients who need the speed of Amazon, better security than Fort Knox, and who are looking to stay out from under the censorship of uptight companies or governments. In addition, dStor saves our customers 40%-80% over Amazon, Azure and Google. The future is in the cloud, by the end of 2022 72% of all global organizations will have migrated to the cloud. The market is worth 100’s of billions and the ROI for our investors could easily surpass 10x.



On-chain analytics clearly shows a problem that many new investors in crypto sell bottoms and buy the tops. We are building a platform where investors could easily let professionals manage their crypto. - CETF is fully decentralized - Investors always hold the assets in their wallets - And together with fund managers by using the platform they become owners of it. We have deployed first fund that is proof of concept on EOS mainnet, it has more than 150 investors. The concept has been proven and there is potential to grow and scale. We are CETF, and in one click we make dumb money smart.

Hoken Tech:


Our business at Hoken Tech is to provide museums and artists with tools to catalyze frictionless, rapid trade of their art. We identify institutions looking for new revenue streams, facilitate the integration of crypto-based solutions, and attract visitors to museums who use QR Codes to buy the NFT too! This is not your regular art collecting closet; we can target all aspects of your business from concept to execution.



Freeos is a DeFi Universal Basic Income, Freeos uses DeFi tokenomics to provide a meaningful weekly income to members. Members vote on economic drivers, and claim an equal share of the income.



Renewable power plant owners are looking for new financing opportunities, and investors are seeking ways to sponsor low pollution, low carbon, energy production. EnergEOS™ is building a regulatory-compliant, blockchain-based trading platform that connects solar project owners with enterprise and retail investors to buy, trade and sell equity tokens of physical solar assets.



EOSTARTER is building a premium decentralized token sale and NFT Launchpad for EOSIO Projects. We facilitate access to early-stage projects by offering the project’s tokens and NFT Drops before they hit the market to our Token holders while leveraging our NFTs to guarantee the longevity of our investor community.



Ursa Polaris Records is building Polaris, a music discovery hub and visualized constellation of relationships, with the aim of rebuilding the music industry from the grassroots up. Polaris is a music encyclopedia, visualized in a "hypertree" graph of musicians and their interconnections, that helps organize the overwhelming quantity of music, and which can provide a means for a decentralized native promotion tool that challenges the major-label paradigm. Only 12% of music revenue goes to musicians. Ursa Polaris Records fixes this, and allows anyone to join the music industry. We were built by and for musicians, as a one-stop-shop.

The Lost Diamond:


The Lost Diamond is a real-world Play2Earn adventure game where the goal is to find the Lost Diamond hidden in one of the checkpoints all around the world. Millions of people are hunting virtual monsters in existing geo-games. We have used blockchain technology to replace virtual monsters with real money. And we believe it will go viral.



A revolutionary way of understanding the video game industry with the integration of Blockchain in order to give developers and gamers absolute control over their assets.

Sign up to Future Incubator Programs here

Helios is excited to announce the first ever EOS ETP (ETF in Europe). If you’re interested in learning more about this product and how you can actually invest in EOS, click here.

Product Description

Iconic Physical EOS ETP (Ticker: IEOS) is an exchange traded product (ETP) that tracks the price of EOS (EOS). The ETP is 100% physically backed by EOS. Each ETP gives the holder a claim on a predefined amount of EOS.

  • Physically backed by EOS and stored in so called cold storages, highly regulated and trusted crypto custodians with an additional 3rd Party insurance
  • Low management fee of 0.95% p.a.
  • Listed and traded on Euronext Amsterdam & Paris
  • No lending – EOS held in custody and not lent out
  • No staking – EOS held in custody are not staked
Pricing Information

Coin Entitlement (CE Factor): Each Note is backed by 1 EOS at launch.

Price: Coin Entitlement (CE Factor) x EOS price

Key Risks

Investors’ capital is at risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. The ETP is structured as fully collateralized debt security, not as equity. The ETP traded on exchanges are bought/sold at market prices which may be different to the net asset value of the ETP or EOS

Iconic Physical EOS ETP Factsheet

At Helios, we laid out plans at the start of the year to start our own Block Producer (BP) to aid the EOS network and are now excited to announce we have achieved our initial goal.

Helios is now registered as a Block Producer and we are running an enterprise-grade EOS, API node at http://api.eos.heliosrising.com - please consider voting for @heliosblocks on the EOS Mainnet. As we rise in the ranking, we will continue to grow our infrastructure to meet the needs of the EOS Mainnet.

For a complete summary of our Block Producer efforts please check out our blog article on this.

In recognizing how difficult it can be for Founders to recruit the appropriately qualified candidates to work in the Web3 blockchain space, we wanted to set up a job board to assist with this process. 

Our job board is curated by the Helios team, and provides an option for Founders to list any job openings they may have. Helios will do its best to amplify these requests to assist in filling these roles and ultimately helping projects get built and deployed across the EOSIO ecosystem.

Check out the links to learn more via our blog article on this and the Job Wall itself.

Blog Posts  11 

Videos  24

Total Tweets  189 

Twitter Followers  3481 (A 42% increase of 1473 from 2008)

Overall Reach  971k 

Sunrise interviews provide exposure for our incubator participants. Demonstrating to founders the benefits of our incubator and showing investors the caliber of projects on EOSIO associated with Helios. 🎬 PLAYLIST

Breakfast & Blockchain is our live panel show where we discuss current affairs, upcoming developments and topics of interest from our ecosystem that would appeal to investors and founders. We often have guest speakers to provide greater insight into specific topics.🎬 PLAYLIST

Helios Spotlight video series focuses on providing the latest news and insights from industry leaders from the ecosystem. This series helps shine a light on the latest developments and reasons investors and founders should be looking to EOSIO. 🎬 PLAYLIST

The Top 5 Moments Of The Week video series is our most watched content and provides a weekly update on all developments from across EOSIO and ranks them in order of importance to the ecosystem. Founders and investors gain quick insights into the most important developments. 🎬 PLAYLIST

Series coming in the future: 

The Futurist Series aims to provide interesting discussions with impactful guests about the what the future holds for cryptocurrency technology. Starting with where we are and ending with where we could be in the future. The aim of this series is to highlight important key thinkers in this space while creating conversation about what the future holds for investors and founders. 

Our educational complexity series, aims to discuss various subjects about cryptocurrency technology such as NFT,s Daos, Dex’s and so on. The content starts from a point of simplicity so that people with no prior understanding can learn, as the video progresses so does the complexity so that everyone can learn something new. This content aims to appeal to our various target audiences who have varying levels of technological understanding.

We are looking at the overall EOSIO and blockchain ecosystem with our goal in Q2 to multiply our reach and engage with the global ecosystem of various other innovative movements. Essentially, what EOSIO needs is to break out of the echo chamber and engage publicly with the larger ecosystem.