March 30, 2022

The Helios BP - What does it do for EOS?

The Helios BP - What does it do for EOS?

At Helios, we laid out plans at the start of the year to start our own Block Producer (BP) to aid the EOS network and are now excited to announce we have achieved our initial goal.

Helios is now registered as a Block Producer and we are running an enterprise-grade EOS, API node at - please consider voting for @heliosblocks on the EOS Mainnet. As we rise in the ranking, we will continue to grow our infrastructure to meet the needs of the EOS Mainnet.

As a newly-registered BP, we wanted to find a meaningful way to contribute to the EOS mainnet ecosystem. As many people know, there are many BP’s registered on EOS that don't actually contribute to the ecosystem at all. This was never an option for Helios. We are absolutely committed to finding ways to contribute, benefit and grow the EOS ecosystem.

In considering our options, we decided it was best to speak to someone from the community who is actively engaged and creating tools that nearly all EOS holders use. With this in mind, it was obvious that we needed to speak with John Heeter from John is an incredibly valued community member who recognized the issues to come, and took it upon himself to create the tool in advance of the Power-Up resource model release. Today, most of us in EOS are familiar with his service and tool, which as it happens has had issues with finding stable APIs. 

John’s request for us was to “basically run this reliably” which was the Greymass docker-nodeos API server. Gerymass is a true hero of the EOSIO ecosystem. We used their example as a basis to build out our API node infrastructure.

We decided this would be a great opportunity to add immediate value to the network and help reduce API congestion, especially for the valuable service that provides.

As of right now, our Helios BP, which is privately funded, is up and running. Our intention remains; to add stability and value to the ecosystem, and especially to continue supporting our most valued public goods.

We hope the community appreciates our contribution as we fulfill an essential role on the EOS blockchain, and we look forward to providing more services in the future with the Helios Block Producer.

Please join the Helios Discord to learn more about how you can get involved with Helios - and if you are a founder, you can apply to be part of our Incubator Light Program: Wave 3 on our website -  

We also encourage you all to have a look and consider donating to John’s Pomelo pitches: Pomelo -

Link to our BP profile on -

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