December 16, 2021

The Helios Team: Gavriel Shaw

The Helios Team: Gavriel Shaw

Helios Role

Following on from previous experience at a VC Fund startup, my Helios role is to help Founders develop a real-world plan, to evaluate the business model, the product idea, the execution plan — and to point out where I see gaps.

To openly share my judgement on current viability for startup success — to support through the Helios incubator program for Seed stage preparation, and to support Helios invested companies to reach their next stage of growth.


Close to 20-years product and marketing, from grass-roots digital through to C-level management at various stage companies. A mix of market research, product planning, go-to market strategy, and data-driven conversion funnel experimentation.


My passion is to find the golden elixir of product-market-fit for technologies that make the biggest impact on quality of life. Whether it be DeFi, Web3, MetaVerse, the Space Race, or Longevity.

I approach startup from the lens of business modeling, user journey mapping, and real-world authentic MVP viability.

Lifestyle and Interests

I'm in it to win it. You only live once. And I believe that ‘once’ should last as long as you prefer. Longevity is my ultimate quest. Healthy balance, creative contribution, enabling justice, building a better world.

I'm originally from the UK and currently live between Panama and Mexico.


If you'd like to connect and share ideas or opportunities please reach out via our website forms or you can also find me direct on LinkedIn or Twitter

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