September 3, 2022

Why Ideathons Must Come Before Hackathons If You Want To Build Profitable dApps

Why Ideathons Must Come Before Hackathons If You Want To Build Profitable dApps

Seen one hackathon you've seen them all. 

Oh sure... you learn new coding tricks and make friends along the way — you might even produce a functional piece of code. 

But does it reliably lead on to a profit-making application that you can be proud of? 

Usually not. 

The excitement of coding often takes precedent above thinking through the front-end UX in a way that competes in the marketplace. 

Typically, we just stick to what we're good at, and expect a business or marketing wizard to launch publicly — and then it's on them whether the dApp succeeds or fails, right? 

In fact: 

Developers are gradually becoming better at, well, everything. 

Market insight. Scalable Architecture. UX research. Marketing. 

Our new Ideathon event is a way to brush up on best practices from various pieces of the puzzle used for launching commercially viable apps in today's market. 

A big opportunity for non-coders to both contribute and learn. 

Before we get to back-end architecture we'll consider front-end functionality and before that we'll consider acceptance criteria from the customer's perspective, and before that we'll plan out the value proposition based on strategic market insight. 

Finally we'll hand out cash prizes based on the best 'ideas' regardless of having written a single line of code. 

Learn from peers. Learn from functional experts. Build a stronger use case both for end users and also perhaps investors. 

Helios is a web3 incubator and VC working with the EOS Network Foundation to deliver a new standard in hackathon experience for savvy ambitious developers... starting with the upcoming Ideathon with grant money available and no strings attached. 

Any one (coder or not) with blockchain industry experience, be it Ethereum, Cardano, EOSIO, Antelope, Polkadot, etc is welcome to participate. 

The best ideas will take home the bacon. As simple as that. 

Criteria for winning will include a feasibility assessment based on the clarity of a real world commercially viable market opportunity and the level of detail provided in the product development plans. 

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And may the best ideas win!